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Australia is a global mineral supplier powerhouse and is positioned to be a major producer of rare earth elements needed to underpin the green energy transition and high-technology needs across the 21st Century.

The Australian Rare Earth Conference (REECON22) was the first Australian conference exclusively focused on rare earths. It fostered dialogue among industry, government, and academia to address Australia's Rare Earth resources and future prospects.

As an outcome, REECON23, to be held in Canberra November 14-16, 2023, seeks to address the following challenges particular to the Australian rare earth industry:

  • Geopolitics
  • Geology
  • Off-take agreements
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Environment
  • Metallurgy
  • Recycling

New discoveries or recent developments will be a focus. In addition to the conference sessions, workshop will be provided in each of these key areas for more in depth specific discussions.

There are significant challenges to overcome including improving exploration targeting to discover new resources to sustain the supply pipeline, finding efficient, clean and economic technologies for ore processing, improving environmental and social outcomes of resource extraction and processing, and evaluating and managing the uncertainty in the markets.

Committee members

  • John Mavrogenes (RSES, ANU)
  • Joelle D’Andres (RSES, ANU)
  • Michael Anenburg (RSES, ANU)
  • Ross Chandler (RSES, ANU)
  • Antony Burnham (RSES,ANU)
  • Kingsley Jones (RSES, ANU and Jevons Global)
  • Namali Mackay (Critical Minerals Association)
  • MarieAude Bonnardot (Geoscience Australia)
  • Ignacio Gonzalez-Alvarez (CSIRO)
  • Miranda Zvidza (ANU Business Development)
  • Sneha Bhaskar (JCSMR, ANU)
  • Louise Adena (ANU International Office)

Keynote speakers

The Hon Madeleine King MP

Minister for Resources and Minister for Northern Australia

Thomas Kruemmer

Director, Ginger International Trade & Investment PTE., LTD.

Karin Soldenhoff

Principal consultant at ANSTO Minerals

Michael Sullivan

Counsellor for Economic Affairs, US Embassy, Canberra

Phoebe Whattoff

Country Director, Minviro Australia

Ignacio Gonzalez-Alvarez

Principal Geochemist, CSIRO

Anna Kaksonen

Group Leader, Industrial Biotechnology, CSIRO

Information about the conference schedule, workshops and speakers.

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Registrations are now closed.


Critical Minerals at ANU

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